Atlantic Salmon Fly Frames 

Currently For Sale

Online Store is up and running!! You can securely sign up and check out via ECWID and Square.

Pictures and descriptions are found there. As it's getting very time consuming to update multi pages, I decided to terminate the gallery that used to be here. 

If you have any questions or want to make offers (I do consider the reasonable ones!), please don't hesitate to ask me!!  


As my framing methods improved, I started to get purchase inquiry. It is very humbling when others see my flies & frames as art and are willing to spend their hard earning money for them. It's highly appreciated for my line of work. It would be some profit during winter months, while I don't practically have guide trips, but mostly to compensate my time and materials. 

I have sold custom orders - certain patterns they want, sometimes with specific instructions (style etc). For those, please check up the next page about Custom Order.

Then I publish my own art works, based on my interests and concepts. 

Please click each photo for details. Price and item descriptions are fully written at my Online Store.

PRICES include USPS or UPS shipping for US customers (I prefer to use UPS during Holiday seasons = mid November to early January). International customers, please inquire. 

If you are interested or make offers, please contact me: call & text 406-223-3225 or email

I will accept personal check, cashiers check, or credit card (e-bill will be sent via Square. I use this when you contact me directly. It ends up the same as CC is processed by Square anyway. ECWID is the online store app)