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Trout Foods & Flies For Livingston's Spring Creeks

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As 2020 marks the 10th guide season, I would proudly and confidently like to present this self-published book of mine.

As some of you know, I've been on Livingston's spring creeks and been guiding clients with my best. I've been conducting insect collections and taking lots of pictures. Those have been for my fishing reports on my blog and for online articles. Then I've been uploading tying instruction videos on YouTube. This is the first ever compilation of all three: insect-fly-materials. And within this relatively small volume, it covers all the insects and food sources along with matching flies.
In early summer 2019, before my guide season really kicked off, I realized I had accumulated so many information and pictures. I made a photo book along with my writings then I gave copies to some people whom I work with on spring creeks. Their responses were very positive and encouraging that this little book would help spring creek anglers understand what kind of insects exist in creeks, identify them, and select proper flies.
Along with reviews, comments, and collections for the prototype from my contacts, I discovered more and even better photos from my computer. I had been editing here and there. Then I came up with a printing operation who could make my project reality.
It's a soft-bound 8" x 8" book. 40 pages including front and back covers. Pictures are printed out at the best available color and quality on the best available paper. I promise it's really thick and strong paper, not flimsy one that can be easily torn.
I'd really like to mention that these pictures were never meant for a book project. All the writings and descriptions were based on my stream observations and from fishing & guiding journal entries. It's an accumulation of my professional works, indeed the summary of my guide career at this point.
This book will help all level of anglers who come to fish Livingston's spring creeks any months of the year. Even when savvied anglers who visit creeks for particular hatch periods, it's highly possible they can come across other hatches or peculiar situations. Although this is not a How-To book, it contains some useful information other than insects and matching flies. Besides, fly patterns in this book can be modified for other similar waters in other areas.
This is why I can proudly and confidently present this book.
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Self-Publication #2

Here it is - Spring 2021!!

My 2nd self-publication is about Atlantic Salmon Flies, more specifically all & only about fly patterns of Major John Popkin Traherne. Traherne patterns are regarded as a series of most complicated and beautiful flies among all the classic patterns. However, it is not quite clear how many patterns he designed. The curiosity and browsing books & online lead me to conduct serious research. 

The next and the most challenging task was to dress them all. I obtained and used fair amount of authentic feathers. Intense photo sessions followed next. And the final task was to compile all the contents into a photo book. 

I'd like to call this book as my Master's Thesis for my Atlantic salmon fly career. This is NOT just a photo book of pretty flies, rather a reference which contains all the dressing recipes and bibliography that will be useful for enthusiastic fly tyers. 

Very limited amount is at my hand (check above) which will be signed and offered with a discounted price. 

Physical book can be purchased from Blurb, the self-publishing website, linked below.  Book is printed as ordered and shipping may be charged. Also, PDF book - I didn't make an e-book which required me to lower the size/quality of photos - is also available. PDF version is very reasonable and can be viewed  with most of devices. 

I will announce when DELUXE Fly Mounted Editions are available - currently going on. 

As always, please let me know any questions, sample photos inquiries, and so on.