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Family Fishing!!

We are enjoying nice spring days since the latter half of April. As mentioned through winter, we have had enough snow and cold days! That being said, snow pack in our headwater is just average or slightly above (100-120% of normal). That is exactly what we expect for the Yellowstone Drainage. The River is NOT yet in a full blown runoff mode but just as May rolled in, the river turned brown and, in my historical observation, it won't turn fishable till the runoff is over (oftentimes YR yo-yos between a fishable green and brown till mid-May but not this year).

It's a great time to venture outdoors with my family, especially after a way overdue winter. We hit a reservoir for some shore fishing. On this day, we spotted lots of carp cruising along the shore. They seemed active but I guess, being warmwater specie, they weren't actively feeding. I managed one!

We went back to the reservoir and this time I was able to catch a couple of huge rainbow!!

I was equipped with a Hardy Golden Prince reel. My Golden Haired Prince came over to net my catches!!

Hopefully we can hit the waters for a few more times before dada's guide season kicks off!!

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