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Yellowstone and Madison Rivers are my primary float-trip destinations. I also offer trips for Missouri and Bighorn Rivers, two of most productive tail-water fisheries in Montana, if not in the world. 

Gallatin and Boulder Rivers, just to name a few, are for wade-trips. 


If my list of Montana waters looks small, I have a huge "playground" just south from me. There are oh-so-many popular and productive waters to mention. You may encounter true native Yellowstone Cutthroat and rare Grayling. Destinations in the Park are depending on / affected by season and daily weather. 

Like spring creeks, several ranches in the area offer accesses to thier ponds and lakes (with rod-fee). These are stocked well but that doesn't mean fishing is easy! Furthermore trout in these lakes and ponds grow quickly into true Trophy size!! 

I have developed my personal passion that I'd like to share with visiting anglers. 

Three oh-so-fabled spring creeks in Livingston = Armstrong's, DePuy's, & Nelson's = won't need further description from me. These creeks are truly unique and special places even for local anglers. 

To maximize your experience and for the best out of your rod-fees, why don't you hire this "Spring Creek Specialist" or "Spring Creek Satoshi"? 

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My outfitting operation is based on in/around Livingston, MT. Short drives take us to many different waters! 

If you book multi-day trips with me, we can sample different waters each day.

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