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"LEFTY" & His Outfitting

For More Diverse & Educational Guide Trips......

As a trout angler, I have done many different fishing methods in my area - SW Montana and Yellowstone National Park.


As a fly-tyer, I tie from tiny midges - anything in between - to 5-inch streamers. I also "dress" Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies.


As a guide, I have guided clients with various skill-levels in various age ranges. Perhaps one biggest reason to run my own outfitting operation is to introduce many different waters in Montana and explain how to fish each water to visiting anglers. Fishing conditions are different by season and at each water. Oftentimes, each day requires different flies and tactics.

Two major fisheries in Livingston really developed me as a fly-fisher and a guide. 

If I may mention my first and foremost specialty, that will be fishing, guiding, and flies for Livingston's Spring Creeks. I consider myself, as well as regarded by others, one of "Spring Creek Specialists" in the area. I fish extensively then I'm always learning. I can't emphasize that experience learned & gained at spring creeks can be applied to many other waters, even for float fishing. 

Now that said, many may assume that I would be only good at small streams fishing on foot. However, I have strong respect and love on Yellowstone River. In fact spring creeks are only portions of this immense river. Each float trip throws some challenges at me. 

These experience evolved me to be a "Teaching Guide" and am always improving myself to be "More Technical".  So if you are looking for superb guide service and "classroom of fly-fishing", as much as entertainment, please contact me. 

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