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The Undaunted Pursuit

Dear Mr. Kelson
Flies of 8 Color Plates from "The Salmon Fly"
Plus 6 Flies from "Tips"

This project was the predecessor of the Traherne project. Toward its completion, I was working simultaneously on both. It was published very privately. As the Traherne project was completed and fully announced, I decided to make this one publicly available as well.


In the fall 2015, I assigned myself a huge challenge: to dress all the flies in 8 colored plates, which are immortalized by George M. Kelson in his "The Salmon Fly" (1895). I intended to frame and present them as a group for each plate. The project went through various stages of my life but I never gave up on this project. 

Total 52 flies for 6 winters. 

I then worked on 6 additional flies from "Tips" (1905). 

This is only available through Blurb or Amazon, no direct sales from me

On Blurb, hardcover with dust jacket, hardcover with image wrap, and softcover are available. On Amazon, hardcover and softcover are available. Please click the link below or on the sides.

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