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Spring Creek Specialist


Definitely one of the biggest reason to be a MT Outfitter and run my own guide operation=to introduce Livingston's three fabled spring creeks, custom flies, and techniques/tactics for fishing those creeks. 


"Spring creek is the classroom of fly-fishing" (my mentor - Montana's Master Angler: Tom Travis). Indeed so. I have developed my fishing and guding skills by fishing creeks intensely. Techniques and knowledge that I learned by fishing creeks can be applied to other waters.  I have grown up to be a competetive guide in this perhaps the most competetive region in Montana. I started to get direct contacts and requests from anglers who want to learn and taste fishing at spring creeks. 


As you know, there's a rod-fee that anglers pay to the creek/land owners. I understand that sounds like an extra cost for your entire trips. I also understand there are many public fisheries around here. I guide those waters too! However, change your perspective little a bit: Let's say if you stay in Bozeman or Livingston and fish for famous Salmonfly hatch on Madison, Green Drake hatch in Lamar, etc., first you have to drive. Then it's not just you who knows those hatches but so do many other anglers. You have to compete for your parking spot before fishing. Especially in Yellowstone Park, there are also regular tourists. Traffic jams can be caused by them at any time, that will also cut your fishing time. So think this way: by paying rod-fees, you are securing your day designated ONLY for fishing!! 


I consider myself one of area's "Spring Creek Specialists", as well as known by others. That's mainly because I fish a lot and have extensive knowledge for the creeks. But most importantly, because I'm always learning and observing


I know there have been anglers who were disappointed by fishing at creeks, after paying rod-fee, but I'm sure the first and foremost reason for poor experience at creeks is because they don't know how to fish, don't have proper flies, or can't adjust their fishing attitutde. Most of my clients have been successful. Of course there are keywords. Those anglers who had good experiences have been willing to listen to me and to learn & work hard. 


So, to maximize your hook-up and to gain knowledge and experience (some of which will be new for you), I strongly recommend to hire a "Teaching Guide" like myself. 


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