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About Guides


I, Satoshi Yamamoto = owner & outfitter of LEFTY ANGLER & FLIES, hire and work with ONLY quality guides that meet my criteria. This is a mission statement for my own reputation. 

As you may guess, this is an independent and one-man operation most of the time. At this point, I don't have a plan or an intention to be a big outfit with many guides working under and me just sitting in the office (handling inquiries, booking guides, and bookkeeping). However, there are times that I'm booked for a series of days and not available or that I'm inquired by a group of fishing clients (family and friends). For these cases, I hire guides and assign them to trips with clients. I contact them NOT because of personal friendships BUT because I have known them through my career, i.e., professional relationships

I'm not interested in making a "list of guides" in which I would look like a top of hierarchy or a hiring agency. Rather, I'd like to list my criteria. 

  • Guides who have been guiding in the area for 10 years or more. 

  • There will be occasions that I would hire a guide with less seasons under his/her belt. However, rest assured, he/she has been well-trained by myself or by other reputed outfitters. Please understand that all the long-time guides started as "aspiring guides" as well. I assess their personality and certify their willingness to be a good guide and to work hard for clients. I will NEVER hire random someone just to fill in or a "guy or gal" who thinks the guiding is just another good pay summer work. 

  • Great personality to get along. Fishing asides, guides I work with have plenty of campfire stories and local knowledge. 

  • Technicality and teaching ability, especially for trips on spring creeks. 

Above being mentioned, because of my high standard criteria, those quality guides may have been booked by other outfits in advance. So, if you want to set up a group trip for your family or friends, please inquire me well in advance before your trip. 

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