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Atlantic Salmon Flies

Materials Gallery

I'm very much positive those who are involved in Atlantic salmon flies in my level, give or take, are definitely attracted to feathers themselves. These flies call for very colorful, rare, and exotic feathers. Each feather has its quirk to manipulate, which makes this subject more challenging than trout flies. But its natural beauty and rarity simply captivate dressers. Correcting feathers can be a serious hobby for some. 

I personally don't really pursue rare, exotic, and hard-to-find feathers (unless I'm specifically requested by the customer). It's not just because of outrageous prices but also there are substitutions and alternatives that are equally beautiful and well-crafted. Also, ethically speaking, those feathers collected under natural methods (animals' death or mottled) are fair enough but what's the purpose of pursuing feathers from animals in the critical list?

Here I'd like to introduce hooks, feathers, and some other materials I own. Whether you do or not, I hope some of these natural beauty would capture your eyes!!

**12/22/2018, it's still under construction. Please allow me some more time. I will make a gallery with description on each photo. When this note is gone, it's all set!!

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