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Livingston, MT

Livingston still has aroma of 19th century and old Western town that one can feel in buildings, sceneries, and people. It just has something to appeal to visitors as well as people who live there. Yellowstone Rivers is running through the town. With world-famous spring creeks and Yellowstone National Park nearby, no wonder Livingston is the "Central of Fly-Fishing". 


Yellowstone National Park

Perhaps no explanation is needed from my side. Great fisheries surrounded by magnificent scenaries and wilflife. Lefty's "backyard"!



Other than fishing information, No.1 question being asked by visiting anglers is "where is a good place to eat?" Following places are favored by not only Lefty but by many other locals. I can almost all guarantee that their menu is worth the money and you won't go back to your lodging hungry or dry!

  • The Stockman 406-222-8455 

       Definitely the best steaks in town! - pictured left!! For "prime rib                

       weekend", reservation is highly recommended.    

       The name says all, "Chop House" serves finest meat dishes but also their          menu is so diverse that anyone will find this place as his/her favorite.    

       Reservation is the MUST for weekend nights.

       Perhaps the best and most well-known bar in the area. It's actually fly-

       fishing related. Check out "Bar Flies" as you enjoy the fine drinks.

  • Rosa's Pizza 406-222-8099

       A nice place for pizzas and sadwiches.


I will add more upon my own dining experience and visitors' reference.



As much as I'd like to help and answer visitors' questions, I have to mention lodging/accommodation is hard to answer because we locals don't stay there. Some visitors look for rates, while others look for amenities. In Livingston and through Paradise Valley (US-HWY 89), there are many lodging options:

  • Motels

  • Bed & Breakfast

  • Lodge

  • Campground & RV Parks

  • Vacation/Rental houses

My best suggestion is definitely online searches. Just type in keywords and you will find what will suit your budget and style.

Recommended sites are (but not limited to. I update as I find more):

  • Travel MT

  • VRBO (you should type and search with your own keywords as this page is currently linked to "yellowstone/livingston" search results.)

Please ask me back if I know where it is and how the building/place looks like. Mostly I know. But then again, I can't be responsible for amenities and prices. That, visitors deal with business owners directly.