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Area Information

Livingston, MT

Livingston still has aroma of 19th century and old Western town that one can feel in buildings, sceneries, and people. It just has something to appeal to visitors as well as people who live there. Yellowstone Rivers is running through the town. With world-famous spring creeks and Yellowstone National Park nearby, no wonder Livingston is the "Central of Fly-Fishing". 


Yellowstone National Park

Perhaps no explanation is needed from my side. Great fisheries surrounded by magnificent scenaries and wilflife. Lefty's "backyard"!



Things are getting convenient each year thanks to online searches, reviews, and services. Nowadays visitors can look around and find lodging options that meet their criteria. In that sense, I may not be much of help. However, please feel free to ask me anything regarding locations, atmosphere, and so on. I may not know exactly the property but most likely I know or have good senses of locations. How far from Livingston, Bozeman Airport, Yellowstone Park, etc. 


Just like lodging, restaurants and what you would like to eat/drink can be easily looked up via online searches and reviews. Besides, as this industry is constantly changing even in this small town, I stop listing here. However, please do ask me if I've been to or if I know the establishment. I have eaten out here and there in Livingston and Bozeman and surrounding towns. It may not be up to date but I can still give you some ideas and information. 

Useful Numbers

  • From Bozeman to Livingston: 30 miles & 30 minutes driving.

  • Bozeman-Yellowstone International Airport is technically in Belgrade, several miles west of Bozeman. 

  • From Livingston to Gardiner (Yellowstone Park North entrance): 50 miles & 1 hour driving on US89.

  • From Bozeman to West Yellowstone (YNP West entrance): 90 minutes driving on US191.

  • From Livingston to Billings (airport): 120 miles & 2 hours driving on I-90. Add 30 miles & 30 minutes from Bozeman.

  • From Billings to Bighorn River (Fort Smith): 90 minutes driving. 

  • From Livingston to Madison River: Ennis area = 90 minutes driving. Lyons Bridge = 2 hours driving. From Bozeman, subtract 30 minutes.  

  • From Livingston to Missouri River (Craig): 2.5 hours driving. From Bozeman, subtract 30 minutes.  

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