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Outfitters & Fly-Shops that I associate with:

  • Montana's Master Angler - Tom Travis MT Outfitter #420 1-800-543-4665

       My mentor and teacher - THE Spring Creek Specialist & Teaching Guide!

       Sitting within DePuy's Spring Creek property, the must-stop shop for every spring-creek angler             and even for guides - superb flies (including my patterns!) & supplies​

       Dean and Dandy tie all the flies they sell!! I have known them and their flies for a long time!!​

Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Park

      For purchasing license ONLINE and fishing regulations

Livingston's Spring Creeks

Area Trophy Lakes/Ponds

  • Burns Ranch Lake - Big Timber, MT 406-932-4150

  • Story Ranch Lake - Emigrant, MT 406-333-4221

Online Reading Sources

       Perhaps the longest lasting online publication. Superb contents. Lefty contributes every issue!

       Superb contents regarding Atlantic Salmon Flies. Digitalized! (click & you see what I mean!)


My Favorite/Recommended Gears & Accessories

Made in Montana!! Locally designed and built!! 

     I've been with the RO since I started guiding - the most reliable drift boat on area rivers, built in their Bozeman factory.  

    Graphite and fiberglass rods that are designed specifically for the area waters. Owner/builder Dusty has been a guide himself so he designs and builds rods that suit for what we do around here!

   Are you having troubles which lines to choose from list after list by makers and fly shops? Also do you know who would sell superb Double-Taper lines nowadays? Here's the solution. You just need a nice Weight-Forward floating line for the most fishing situations around here. Then when you challenge the match-the-hatch situations at spring creeks, a Double-Taper line will assist your presentation. Great lines with very affordable prices!!

  Made in Bozeman, MT. From both aesthetic and practical standpoints, this is a MUST have for every angler who fishes around here!!  

     I've been with Costa sunglasses over a decade now and love them.  Very good customer service and support. 

     Arguable one of the BEST rods in the world. I have pleasure to own a few premium rods. 

     Lines-leaders-tippets, all of my string parts have been with RIO over a decade. 

     Rods, reels, waders, boots, apparels, and miscellaneous accessories, Redington offers them in affordable prices and good quality. Back then, Redington rods were not that great but recent years, their rods have been highly improved. Reels are very fancy in appearance and functional on the water. ​

    As you know, Whiting hackles and other feathers are the BEST in the industry and I'm proud to be one of their Pro Staffs. 

    Not much introductions needed for world famous Regal's "dog jaws". It's truly a fly-tying machine. 

    As I dress more Atlantic salmon flies, I fancied good looking hooks. Ronn's handmade hooks are  the answer. It's a subtle and simple form of art. 

    When handling beautifully crafted blind-eye salmon hooks, protecting their "japanned" finish is very important. If the vise grip is too loose, the hook won't be stable for tying. Too tight, it can mar and chip the coating. Cottarelli's revolutionary "TWO-HEAD" is the answer. I ordered from Italy and it's been my must and one of the most treasured tools since. 

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