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Lefty's Fly Shop

Fly Dressing has been an important of my profession, actually in my life. 

i have three different categories: Trout flies for fishing, Salmon/Steelhead flies for fishing, and Atlantic salmon flies for framing. 

Framed Atlantic salmon flies have already been featured in the few pages, including in the Online Store, extensively. 

Trout flies, as some of you might remember, had been shown in the previous blog formatted link. I made business out of it, then it became hard for me to keep maintaining it. Two factors: number of flies and the format. There are flies that constantly sell, ones I'd love to promote, ones that have been forgotten even by me, and new patterns are constantly developed and proven. Then the format I was using didn't support any more. Major repair had been needed. 

Then fishing flies of salmon and steelhead are coming along. It's time to tear down the old one, organize my thoughts, and build a whole new thing. 

This website is much more powerful with great capabilities. Besides, I prefer to integrate and maintain all in one place to managing and linking a few other sites. With that said, let's go through tabs below!!

The last but not the least, I'd proudly like to highlight that I've been a pro staff with Regal Vise and Whiting Farms. Both are among the very top manufacturers/vendors in the fly tying industry. 

10/23/2021: Major construction for the fly catalog has begun. I'll add trout and salmon/steelhead patterns in galleries along with purchase instructions. It'll take a while, perhaps through the winter 2021-2022. Please bear with me!!

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