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Atlantic Salmon Flies

Books in My Library

Since I came to be deeply involved in Atlantic salmon flies, I started to read more books. First and foremost reason is because we're dealing with the past, especially from late 19th to early 20th century, The Golden Age of Atlantic salmon flies. 

Eventually correcting and reading books themselves have grown up to be an important part of my angling & tying pursuits. There are so much to be learned from the past authors. 

I definitely want to introduce books regarding salmon flies. But also this is the good place and opportunity for me to introduce my favorite classics and modern classics of fly-fishing related books. 

Below is the gallery of books. With picture of each book, author, and year of publishing, I bet one can search for somewhere online.

Gallery is organized in order of: Atlantic Salmon Flies related (classic literature first, then by modern authors), Trout fishing & flies, history review types, modern fishing & tying books. This is just my way of sorting and organizing as I see fit. Yet, I believe it's better than just an alphabetical order of authors or books, or year of publishing. 

Although I have several favorite sites that I always look for, I'm sure one can reach same sites or even find better deals than I had. So keep looking, folks!! 

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