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As I accumulated experiences - guiding, fly dressing, and photography - for over a decade in the fly-fishing field, I decided to venture into the authorship. Nowadays everything can be seen and published online, however, I believe the physical books still hold their significance. I for one do prefer the books to the screen when trying to read certain lengths, mostly because of the convenience (travel anywhere and no need to charge batteries) and the comfort to my eyes (we all know the screens = blue lights have negative effects on our nerves and sights while the books oftentimes help us sleep!). 

Those personal preferences asides, my objectives and ambitions for writing and publishing books are to challenge my ability to explain (guiding and teaching) and express (fly dressing and art) my professions. Doing these so readers can understand, in return, help me understand my own ability and limitations and improve myself for the near future. 

How could one publish books? 

Books are simply made of paper = printing & binding. This is essentially what the publishers or publishing companies do on behalf of authors, isn't it? I have a set of materials = information and photographs that belong to me. And I do know by heart those would appeal to only the tight-knit of enthusiasts. Hey, I wrote and published my Masters' Thesis with the helps and tutorials of professors! I can be my own editor along with some aids from people I associate with. I did some online research, found some web-based self-publishing services (writing software, printing, and binding), and chose one of them. Basically I invested on my materials and soon-to-be products. 

Would these books return me millions of dollars and make me famous? No, those are not my objectives or the ambitions. I'd need to make breakeven and gain some profits but my true objective and passion are to share what I have learned and gained with many other enthusiasts. Besides, these are "what I know up to this point" and "my CURRENT BEST". As I am continuously growing, learning, and improving myself, I hope to come up with new materials in the near future. 


Reviews for
Past Master's Treasure


Praises for 
Trout Foods & Flies For
Livingston's Spring Creeks

Superb photography!!

All the flies are masterfully dressed!!

- Gerald, a book buyer


This is my way to express my homage to the past masters (they were authors as well) and the legacy of fly dressing..........

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