This is just an introduction page. The online catalog remains the same = click HERE. For trout flies, I believe this format is still effective and navigable. 


Also, please check and subscribe my YouTube Channel, where I upload tying instruction videos through winter to spring (and some from fishing/guiding scenes in Montana & Yellowstone when I can). 

I have tied all genres of trout flies - from the smallest midges to 6-inch articulated streamers, and anything in between. As I got involved in Livingston's spring creeks more and more, I came across so many insect observation opportunities. I'd proudly like to say that I have developed series of flies for spring creeks and then nearby Montana waters and Yellowstone National Park streams. And I'm sure as long as I keep my eyes and ears open, I will observe more insect hatches & trout behavior, and come up with more ideas. 

So please bookmark my online catalog. For purchase and order, all the information shall be there. 


PMD Buddy Wing Emerger