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General Instructions

I hope this page highlights my flies better and is easier for users to navigate than before. That said, this is NOT a "click to cart" type online store. My tying operation is "to tie as per order". Here are instructions and policies. 

  1. Each fly pattern description below shows available sizes and colors (e.g., Flexi Midge Larva: Sizes 18, 20, 22. Colors: black, red, olive, light olive) and the price of 1 fly.

  2. If a Mayfly pattern is tied for each species, I try to add a photo for each. For example, Buddy Wing Emerger can be tied for PMD (sizes 16, 18), baetis (18, 20), Green Drake (12, 14). 

  3. MINIMUM 6 flies (half a dozen) for one pattern in the same color and same size must be ordered. More than that, every 6 flies (half a dozen). I CANNOT accept "two of this pattern, five of that pattern, ten of midge larva assortment", etc. 

  4. Policy #3 is not meant to secure my revenue. It is simply impractical to tie like the example as I have to assemble materials every so often and it will leave "partial materials" more often. Besides, that's how I, or the most of accomplished guides and fishers, keep each pattern and organize fly boxes. 

  5. Shipping & Handling charge: $7.50 with USPS Priority or First Class. If it costs more than that, that must be a big order that requires a small box. If that's the case, I'm happy to cover the extra. 

  6. To place an order: Please clearly list, for each pattern, size (if applicable), color (if applicable), and how many (as explained above, every half a dozen for one pattern), then email me at or call/text me at 406-223-3225

  7. Payment: Square transaction (I send you an e-bill that you can pay with CC, no information needed). Check. Cash (for local customers). 

Below, I set up a group of photos (gallery) for each category. By clicking each photo, it will enlarge and show available sizes, colors, and brief description (if applicable). 

My primary focus and expertise are "close imitations from bottom to top" in spring creeks, that can be applied to tailwater rivers (such as Bighorn and Missouri). This does not mean that those flies are limited to water types designated by us. My match-the-hatch flies will work for pods of rising fish in Yellowstone or Madison River that we stop our boats and focus on but they are just not suitable to cast from the boat while floating the tumbling rivers. 

I can tie very much any trout flies. I can certainly take orders for generic patterns such as Parachute Adams, Royal Wulff (I use synthetic fibers in place of calf tail though) and so on. i.e., Universal patterns that are widely known and most fly-fishers have common images. However, I would choose not to tie patterns that require "Googling" and that come up with variations by tyers or by instructions. What we could do is: you are welcome to give me specific material lists and how flies are done. In that case, I will charge more per fly accordingly. Also, I would not prefer to tie foam hopper patterns. To be honest, foam centered patterns are just not my cup of tea and commercially available ones, fly shops or online, are better and more economical (kind reminder: so are generic patterns mentioned above). 

Trout Flies

Below are the catalogs of my flies. Majority are my own original patterns that have been proven season after season by myself, my clients, and trout. Though mentioned some above, let me recite. My primal showcases are "close imitations from bottom to top" for spring creeks, that are equally effective on tailwater fisheries. Even on freestone rivers like Yellowstone River, if focusing on pods of rising trout for certain hatches on rivers' edge, these flies of mine should work. These are just not made for constant floatation and visibility, regarding dry-flies, or heavy and quick sinking, regarding nymphs, that are necessities for float fishing. 

In terms of categories, some flies could be categorized in either groups. If you have questions, please ask me. 


Mayfly Nymphs

emergers duns spinners


I don't tie contemporary foam hoppers, even Chernobyl variations, for commercial purposes.
I suggest you buy them at your favorite fly shops. They have numerous selections. 

Nymphs for
Spring Creeks & Tailwaters

wet flies:
Attractor Soft-hackle & Streamers

I can certainly tie contemporary articulated streamers. However, those are very time consuming and consequently I have to charge a lot. I highly suggest you buy at your favorite fly shops. 

Freestone patterns
I'm happy to tie Prince Nymph that is still one of the most effective nymph patterns!!

Stillwater Patterns

Steelhead/Salmon Flies

In my case, as you already know, it's the other way around. I took up and mastered classic Atlantic salmon flies for framed artistic objects. Now I want to fish for those anadromous fish - well, practically speaking, Atlantic salmon are a bit faraway target for me as of now so my closer interests are steelhead and Pacific salmon in America's Pacific Northwest. Flies for these species have the same origins with Atlantic salmon flies actually. 


I'd love to tie classic patterns but also I tie variants and my originals - now I really "dress" them.


Unlike all the trout flies above, these are dressed & sold PER FLY = 1 fly.  

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