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Past Master's Treasure
Atlantic Salmon Flies of Major Traherne

Here it is - Spring 2021!!

My 2nd self-publication is about Atlantic Salmon Flies, more specifically all & only about fly patterns of Major John Popkin Traherne. Traherne patterns are regarded as a series of most complicated and beautiful flies among all the classic patterns. However, it is not quite clear how many patterns he designed. The Major did not publish his own pattern book. From the classic to modern books, each lists different numbers of flies. To make things more complicated, some "variations" are said to exist. The curiosity and browsing books & online lead me to conduct serious research. 

After a few years of the literature research, I came up with more numbers of Traherne patterns than any other previous publications. I'd like to present this work of mine as the "most comprehensive list of Traherne patterns" as of now. 

The next and the most challenging task was to dress them all. I obtained hand-made blind-eye hooks and fair amount of authentic feathers. Intense photo sessions followed next. And the final task was to compile all the contents into a photo book. 

I'd like to call this book as my Master's Thesis for my Atlantic salmon fly career. This is NOT just a photo book of pretty flies, rather a reference which contains all the dressing recipes and bibliography that will be useful for enthusiastic fly dressers who want to pursue Traherne patterns. 

Very limited amount is at my hand which will be signed and offered with a discounted price.  Once these are sold out, there will NOT be another batch of copies.

DELUXE Fly Mounted Editions are available!! - Please scroll below for more information. 

As always, please let me know any questions, sample photos inquiries, and so on. 


Special Deluxe Boxed Edition Available!!


Trahern Flies that have been actually dressed and photographed for the book are mounted in the gorgeous clamshell boxes, one fly per box, and bundled with signed and numbered copies.

Available in the limited number = the numbers of fly patterns in the book. 

Please contact me for availability (choice of the fly), price, shipping, sample photos, and so forth. 

Please refer to the promotion video below as well. 

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