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Finally I caught up with a modern way = online store & transaction!! 

Store is created by ECWID. It's an App that lets the small business build and run their online store without too much fee or complications. Your CC is transacted by Square. I've been using Square for my guide trip payments all these years and my clients or I have not had any issues. Over all it's very secure, period. 

But then, I still welcome good old trusty checks so please contact me any time!!

And please don't hesitate to ask questions regarding items, shipping, and anything!!

Note for international customers: I don't know and can't be responsible for the custom/import fee, if applicable, of your countries. When I fill the custom sheet, I have to report the transacted value honestly. That's because in case something happens and I have to claim insurance = I have to refund fully or partially to the customers. I'm doing this as my professions, i.e., making living and reporting as my income/business cost, not a side hassle under the table to make quick money. You know what I mean. 

Mar Lodge - Framed Atlantic Salmon Fly

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Product Details

(Previously posted Britannia was happily sold.)

Mar Lodge, a classic Atlantic salmon fly on the salvaged antique hook.

So, I bought an old antique salmon fly. I hoped it would be collectible...... It was in such a poor condition.
I decided to salvage the hook, which was in a very good condition at least, and to dress properly what should have been.
To frame all together, before going into the salvage operation, I documented the original fly and intended to frame the photo together with the new fly.
I didn't take a proper closeup photo of the new fly. But I hope you are able to see it by enlarging the photos of the frame.
Frame is approximately 13 inches (33cm) x 11 inches (28cm).
My re-dressed fly is just about the same size as the old one, the third photo, a bit over 3 inches long. Quite a huge fly!!


Shipping is included for a worldwide transaction!!

Save this product for later

Special Deluxe Edition with Mounted Flies!!
Actual flies dressed & photographed for the book.
Available in a limited quantity = number of flies in the book.

A Perfect Gift for Holidays, Birthdays, & Every Occasion!!
Please contact me for availability, prices, shipping, sample photos, and any other inquiries. 
(The video above discusses the most part. )

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