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Flood Receded And Then........

The "100-year flood" (depending on what and where you read at social media, you might see "500-year" or "1000-year") of Monday June 13th receded. I heard that residents who were forced to evacuate have been allowed to go back and check their residences and properties. This weekend, Friday 17th and Saturday 18th, have been 90F (30C) weathers but we are not seeing any more huge surge in the flows of Yellowstone River (yet very very murky = photo will follow).

I saw a part of it and I had close updates from my contacts that the flood water did breach Armstrong's and DePuy's Spring Creeks. Yet, by the evening of Tuesday 14th, both creeks started to clear themselves, i.e., self-resolving. On Friday 17th, I walked along both creeks.

Pale Morning Duns were hatching right on time!


Then DePuy's.

And here's a great view as well as a contrast of DePuy's and Yellowstone River.

Though I couldn't digitally record the actions, I did see trout rising on PMDs.

Historically, empirically, and scientifically, trout are known to survive floods. We could guess that the sudden mix of cold and muddy river waters might have shocked the trout in the creeks. However, we don't believe lots of them would have been simply washed down to the river. As more PMD hatches occur, we will find them out. The same situation would have happened among the river trout. Some may have hung around while others may have been dislocated. Whichever the case. they will soon find out the clear and nutrient water where DePuy's spills into the river.

As for Yellowstone River, just as I learned how to read the "green color" of the river, now I (and some experienced guides) can see this is an "unusual muddy color". Even though the water level subsides, the river must keep scraping the bare lands and banks. It would help if we keep having hot and dry weathers. Then we would guess that some responsible state departments will investigate damages on the river such as huge hazardous objects (like the bridge!!) and boat ramps. It's uncertain.

One final silver lining is that the second edition of my spring creek book would still hold true (most part, hahaha!!). I still have copies for sale and at this point no immediate need to make the third edition!!

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