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Legit Skagit!!

Last Saturday it was a perfect fall fishing weather: overcast and mostly calm, i.e., no continuous winds. I headed to Yellowstone River with my double-hander gears. I rigged up a Skagit set up. First i went deep with a sink tip. No bites. I saw some fish jumping out of the river for what I don’t know (wouldn’t say “rise” for insects). Logic or scientific analyses asides, I felt in the air too. Trout seemed active and aggressive in the water column‘s top end. I switched to a float tip and kept swinging soft hackles. Immediately I felt positive taps and tugs😲

In spite of species I target around here, it’s a legit Skagit style!!

One of the beauties of fly-fishing: catch trout with my own creation😆: The Coyote. Next one was definitely bigger!! Tap, tug, and even leap as it attacked my fly. I brought it to the bank and it popped off and released. No photos needed.

My Coyote was even favored by little guys like this!

So, what is The Coyote?

Real name is Coyoted Pheasant Soft Hackle. It’s not a typo. Very originally it was tied with feathers from a Ringneck Pheasant killed by a Coyote. It was created during the winter of 2008-2009. Then since the fall 2009, it’s been one of my most reliable fall soft hackles. Of course this fly has more details and history but that will be a long story like I blogged back then. And that makes us feel how quickly time flies……

I recently tie in various proportions, all of which are elegant and attractive to trout.

There are more fall days left. I will keep swinging!

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1 Comment

Nov 08, 2021

It looks like a wild Carey Special. Nice fly.

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