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Past Master's Treasure - My Self-publishing #2

My website visitors have been seeing this since this spring.

Yes, the book was already finished by spring. That means all the flies and photographs were finished before that, end of 2020 to early 2021. But the following big project, what to do with flies, took a while (I made special edition boxed sets, which I will announce later on). Then my guide season kicked off, which turned out to be happily very busy through summer. Yet whenever I had off-days, I kept working on this project. But I didn't announce on social media as the guiding occupies me as long as the season goes on.

As you know, I've been deeply devoted to Atlantic Salmon Flies, from classic patterns in literature to modern interpretative original patterns, for almost a decade. One of the prominent authors/salmon-fishers/fly-dressers known and respected by enthusiasts is Major John Popkin Traherne. He is known to have created a set of very original flies that totally drew the line from the rest of classics; elegant in proportion, colorful with so many exotic feathers, and the most significantly very complicated. Contemporary fly dressers have been challenging his patterns. I've been one of them. I developed a casual curiosity how many patterns the Major really designed. I tried to count from a few books at my hands but it was just confusing to go through hundreds of patterns and spot Traherne patterns. I obtained a few specific books but each book contained a different number of patterns. So I decided to organize and eventually compile. I did use online searches and did come up with some good sources. However, over all, internet wasn't the main source for this task. It was a good old "literature review" of physical books. And I came up with the more numbers of patterns than any other previous publications as I was able to compile all the reliable sources.

Rest of the stories is depicted in my book. As mentioned above, all the flies were dressed and photographed. Then I compiled a photo book that also includes all the fly recipes and resources.

My mentors, who wouldn't sweet-talk to me and my works, reviewed and agreed to provide their words.

So, please visit Blurb site or Amazon list!!

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