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2023 Season Coming To The End.......

I apologize for the lack of blog updates. Matter of fact, I thought last time I did would be in July, up until I start to create this post, then I realized that I actually had done in September......

In September and October, trip bookings certainly became slow down, compared to June through August. Yet it was busy for me. My last guide trip was right at the end of October. I was able to go some fishing in October and November. Then I've been into the fly-tying mode since October. As Thanksgiving came and gone, I was able to catch up with some stuffs.

Here's one of those catch-ups: one of the highlights of this past summer, Slough Creek Upper Meadow Horseback Trip!

Slough Creek is one of my most favorite streams on the earth. Horseback trip up to the upper meadow is super special!! I recorded the day with videos and photos. I went through the materials around Thanksgiving, finally!!, and compiled a video. I hope you will like it!!

I try to post here regularly through winter and spring. Then wait for my annual year-end newsletter - if you haven't signed up, please do so or simply contact me!


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