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August End & September In

Each year as I age, my wet wading season, i.e., no wader but bootie and boots, is getting shorter. Exceptions have been the last year and this current summer. In 2021 the heat wave forced me to go wet-wading in early July. But I went back to my wader toward the end of August. This year........... because of the flood and subsequent dirty water, by the time float trips became doable at the end of July, I started with wet wading. Although the highest temperature and heat intensity have not been as high as last summer, it's been lasting longer than I could ever recall in Montana. Near 100F on Labor Day weekend 😧😨!? I was happy to wet-wade during the Yellowstone River float trips.

How we came across this massive cutthroat was very memorable

Above being said, I did wear my wader at DePuy's Spring Creek. Even though air temp is such, creek water is SUPER COLD. If I would be asked for advise, I suggest wearing it and rolling down the top. But I can't force fishers. I myself can't dip my hands in the creek water over 30 seconds throughout the year. So I don't want to think about how I would feel on my legs.

Evening spinner actions at the end of August, unforgettable 😎

Although Yellowstone National Park is still inaccessible from Livingston and tourism seems slow going, this summer real fisher-men and -women are visiting the area🥹.

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