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August Fishing Report

It’s hot 🥵. It may not be as hot as last year but it feels hot days are continuing longer than normal years and the last year. As August started the night time temperatures would become slightly lower. Although most rivers’ flows in the area are lower than average years, again in spite of the Flood, we may be able to get by without the “hoot owl closure” (no fishing allowed from 2pm to midnight stipulated by FWP).

I had a series of guide trips through last week. My clients and I managed some good trout😎. Over all we fished hard while having fun on the streams😃.

A scene from Yellowstone River

DePuy’s Spring Creek is producing some of the BEST PMD hatches for this time of year and offering anglers challenging yet enjoyable days on the creek.

By this time of year, trout seem to recognize our fly patterns and even tiny bit of unnatural movements of our flies. “Selective” or “picky” most anglers might say, but the truth is trout cannot think that way. I believe by now trout instinctively respond even to those minute facets. Indeed these two nice trout here were fooled by my own original patterns that haven’t shown to them this summer yet!!

Then my client and I made an adventure to the Madison too.

We felt even the Madison might be getting some heat effect. However with our strategy and perseverance, we raised some nice trout to our hopper imitations 🫡

For all of these days, my clients and I stayed until evening.

DO NOT believe or listen to something like “it’s too hot and trout don’t bite after lunch”. Wait till it’s cool down in the evening then!!

That said, stay cool, drink lots of water, then fish hard!!

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