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Blog/Fishing Report Page Update - July 2021

In the middle of guiding schedules, a.k.a. day-offs, I'm challenging to make an update here. It may not be a perfect time to do this sort of stuff, however, my intention here is to update fishing reports through summer - timely, concise, simple, yet offering points and "pictures". With or without photographs - I bet I can add photos once I get a hang of it with my smartphone and tablet.

As some of you know, I've been running a blog with Blogspot for a long time. It started as a personal blog and fishing journal. Then I became a licensed guide and eventually an outfitter who runs his own guide service. As this WIX website started and keeps going, Blogspot was linked as Fishing Report. However, as the other social media, namely Facebook and Instagram, became more prominent, I had been getting very hard for me to manage and update all the formats. Updating traditional (= OLD!!) blog is now quite elaborated, compared to others. Besides, I have transferred important contents of the blog to this website, which is more powerful anyway.

So here it is!! Brief and concise enough!?

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