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October Fishing

Usually October “feels” the longest month of the year for me but somehow I feel each of the past 3 months has been long enough. I wouldn’t care any more how October would make me feel as it progresses. My guide season still goes on but I started getting some open days and going fishing!! I’m really into double-hand casting, Spey and several variations. I’m getting a hang of it and feel getting better, as I have barely “near-whipped” myself only once so far😅. My purpose on the river is mainly double-hand casting then it would be nice here if I catch something. Yet it’s the season of swinging and stripping so the expectation can be slightly higher…….., can’t it😄

Certainly this cutie wouldn’t look like an 8-weight contender but it was a legitimate trout😤🤣. It even attacked a streamer that was nearly a quarter of its size😆.

It was very rewarding for me to catch one while I was developing my casting. I can’t thank enough for cutthroat’s willingness to rise on our dry-flies then to bite on our streamers🙏🏼🥺 .

As the cold weather approaches, may I wish one (or more) larger specimen…….

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