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Reading The Dry-Fly Water

It’s still hot🥵. Yellowstone River water flow and temperature are sort of stable, though not the most favorable conditions. I can still introduce dry-fly fishing to my client. It’s fun though not always successful. If catching/hooking is the definition of fun, bobber-lobbying is the way to go. Casting grasshopper flies may really test how far we will be willing to go on till we “might” get actions. That’s because we are trying to make trout rise by prospecting non-hatch imitations that can be eaten by trout by total chance meetings. Besides sending my WILL and DETERMINATION, being a constant learner and observe of Yellowstone River, recently I seem to be able to see where and what type of spots we could get bites. I might be hallucinating or seeing illusions but I get rewarded once so often. Trout in Yellowstone River won’t migrate to Canada or North-pole, seeking for cold waters. Nobody has reported massive carnage either. They are somewhere in this skinny flow……….…


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