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My humble self-publication Trout Foods & Flies For Livingston’s Spring Creeks has just been sold out, happily out of stock🎉🎊

It’s a milestone achievement for me🥲🥺. Especially considering it’s been sold in less than two years of uncertainty: Covid and such. Actually it had been bought through 2020 and through the first half of 2021. Then after a review article on American Fly Fishing Magazine came out, book sales went up rapidly.

All copies have been purchased by spring creek enthusiasts throughout the country. Though not millions of dollars, I did make some profits over printing and shipping costs. But what’s been more rewarding than anything else is positive reviews, kind words, and encouragements from spring creek enthusiasts, including some who have been fishing the creeks for many years.

So, although my direct sales is not available at the moment, if you are interested in obtaining a copy (or more for holiday shopping 🎁), some copies may still be available at Livingston fly shops which have been kind enough to be local distributors.

Last but not the least, now the idea of second print/edition is emerging up to the top of my priority list for this winter……….when? Something may come up in spring……

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