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Spring Guide Trips

As May rolls in, weathers have been still funny and unpredictable. However fishing has been good, some of the best and most enjoyable I’ve had in years, for the past two weeks. Yellowstone River float trips have been fun! Great streamer bites from hungry browns!

Believe or not, my clients and I have been getting DRY-FLY BITES while floating. It’s quite amazing and certainly an unexpected joy for this time of year.

Spring creeks have been as technical as ever with lots of insect activities.

We fished till a beautiful sunset.

Every spring is different in this corner of the country = warm, cold, snow, dry, and so forth. But over all, spring fishing is definitely fun. We can palpably feel that trout are eager to take our flies. And how many other anglers have my clients and I saw??……… It’s been pretty much us! We’ve had whole stretches to ourselves!! So plan and take advantage of one of the greatest fishing periods in Montana!!

Runoff on most streams in the area will start anytime……..

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