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Stream Report

Yellowstone River is finally good-to-go!

River flow dropped to the historical average/median (so, what was that flood about!? - really). Color is now "acceptable Good Green".

It's hard to describe, by written or verbal words, how the flood changed the river. To be concise, the main features/structures remain the same. Then there are many changes here and there such as new channels and islands (rather small), bank erosion, bottom structures (or depths).

So all the conscientious and diligent guides are learning and adapting to the new river. For DIY folks with their own crafts, know your rowing/navigating ability, inquire local fly shops, then enjoy!

Spring creeks are fishing well. It's about time when fishing becomes challenging. I don't call it tough or slow. It's truly challenging with so many insects = foods available to trout and they switch from one food source to the next through the course of the day.

Over all, weather has been very nice. It's been hot and dry but not as extreme as last year. I have to mention that the visitation to the area = Paradise Valley (along Yellowstone River from Gardiner to Livingston plus surrounding areas) = seems drastically lower than past years that I remember. North entrance of Yellowstone Park at Gardiner has not opened yet - this must be the HUGE detraction. We'll hear the NPS announcement of visitation stats later this year or early next year.

However, in other words, some fishing oriented folks might find this situation to their advantages. So, for the most recent updates and information, please inquire me any time.

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