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Summer Ends!?

I was back to the Yellowstone float trips over the weekend. It was still the similar high summer condition as with the past few posts and under the hoot-owl restriction (no fishing after 2pm). I can’t say anything about the official rules but the fishing season seems to change soon.

That will be quite a change, starting in the mid week!!! Although this is a Livingston forecast, this rainy clouds are predicted in the surrounding areas, including Yellowstone Park. That means we MIGHT expect another mud plug on Yellowstone River……..😰.

I declare that the yesterday is the last day for me to wet-wade (no wader) for this summer. This has been one of the longest wet-wading seasons in recent years without too much shocks on my body. But I can almost all assure you that this is NOT the end of hopper season.

We usually have good hopper bites on warm sunny afternoons of September on the rivers, spring creeks, and Yellowstone Park streams.

When the fall does come, we’ll be ready and fish for it😉.

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