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Winter 2024 So Far

Apologies for another lack of updates for a while. However, I often update my social media posts which are admittedly widely used.

This winter has been very busy!! Fly-tying, orders and stock-up, has been very fruitful (one of a few productive things I can do while with my baby......). Dressing and framing Atlantic salmon flies are also very productive. Another book project ---- I hope I can give you updates sometime this year. And then in March, I'm attending two Expos.

Wasatch Fly Fishing Expo 3/15 & 16. I run a vendor booth, promoting my guide service and showcasing my fly frames.

East Idaho Fly Tying Expo 3/22 & 23. I tie an Atlantic salmon fly each day as a demonstration tyer and I instruct a fly-tying workshop regarding spring creek flies.

Oh, in mid February, I drove to Salmon, Idaho to chase steelhead in Salmon River. My original plan was to go to Clearwater River around Orofino, ID and down to Lewiston. However, the Clearwater experienced "mini runoff" due to an unseasonable warm winter and its flows got really high before and around the weekend I was planning. So going to the Salmon was alternative but I quite enjoyed the new destination and new water. I had a couple of bites.......

I'll try to update more often as the weather warms up!

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