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East Idaho Fly Tying Expo 2024

The 2024 EIFTE was a non-stopping busy event! It totally regained the "pre COVID" vibe! I can't emphasize how enjoyable and important this "local show in small city" is. There are many renowned world-class fly tyers, some of them I'm fortunate to call friends and teachers.

I attended two workshops, one as a student and the other as an instructor. The class with Steven Fernandez is always thrilling and technical. The pattern we worked is called "Headless" Rusty Rat. What is "headless"? I managed it!!

I also did a destination presentation regarding fly-fishing in and around Livingston. I was quite surprised and grateful that the room was packed with lots of audience!!

Only one thing that has not regained the pre-COVID vibe is........ my tying at the demonstration table. I managed to finish flies, one full-dressed Atlantic salmon fly each day, but not in my high standard. I know why. During the pandemic and recovery years, I was so focused in my own room. I became skillful and am continuously improving. But instead, I felt I need some getting-used-to and readjustment for public tying.

Thankfully both persons who took my flies appreciated my effort.

Closing banquette was a great wrap up. We shared joys and celebrated another expo in the book. Then we said farewell till next year!!

With two expos (two weekends in a row!!) behind us, it take a day or two to recover after the adrenalin rush. Then our fishing life goes on! I will start fishing and keep tying flies with some early season guide trips here and there.

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