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Yellowstone River Condition

We had a fresh dose of rain ☔️ almost through overnight in Livingston. I was very curious to see if Lamar River and Soda Butte Creek area = northeast Yellowstone Park = would be getting the similar weather, and then if they would raise up their flows and send muddy waters to Yellowstone River. Or would it be possible that dry lands and small flows would suck up any moistures and there wouldn’t be much muddy water coming out. It looks like the former, the usual. Yet it wouldn’t be a big one. By Friday morning, Gardiner - Livingston section would turn back to green, if I may guess. I just hope this would cool down the Lamar and Soda, then eventually the Yellowstone water temp gradually drop as well. And it doesn’t bother my schedule as I’m heading to the muddy water FREE tail-water until the early next week😎. I hope to update from over there 👆🏼.

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