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YR Clarity Report

Toward the end of last week, we had some rain in and around Livingston. Yellowstone Park, specifically Lamar River and Soda Butte Creek, did receive rains. Their flows went up over the weekend, which always makes us worry if the muddy water would come or not……….

Actually not as bad as I anticipated. Of course, it’s not ideal for me to put my boat in. But then again, the Lamar and the Soda still show some “spikes” as of today. So would there be more coming? Let’s wait and check back tomorrow.

Speaking of Yellowstone National Park, Park officials lifted hoot-owl restrictions on YNP streams. Now one can fish dawn till dusk as we usually do!!

So are Madison and the Missouri Rivers in Montana. How about Yellowstone River managed also by Montana FWP? Hoot-owl is STILL IN EFFECT as of today. Well, water temperature did plummet and flow has just been somewhat increased. Then WHY? I can’t tell you as I’m not a politician. Hopefully this will change any time soon.………

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