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Hoot Owl Restrictions

We kinda guessed that it had to come eventually😶.

Starting on 7/21, fishing on Yellowstone River is regulated with “Hoot Owl Closure”, that is, NO FISHING IS ALLOWED FROM 2PM TO MIDNIGHT. In other words, we can fish 12:01AM TILL 1:59PM.

Please check this link that should prompt you to the screenshot below.

Indeed, it’s not just Yellowstone River but also some other major rivers in Montana. Kinda surprise me that the Madison and the Missouri are also restricted.

As for the Yellowstone, fishing remains good but water level/flow is constantly dropping. Plus this heat wave that’s been hitting the entire western states is relentless. As a good Montana citizen and low-abiding licensed outfitter, I follow the rule as directed by agency.

When will this be lifted? I can’t even guess.

As for guide trips, I’m going to operate as it has been with slight modifications. Please contact me for details. Call/Text 406-223-3225

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