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Spring Hatches on The Spring Creeks

I have just run the first few days of guide trips for the season! Spring is arguably the least fished or pressured time of the year. Of course weathers can be challenging - snow storms possible! - but so is in the fall. River floats can be enjoyable as long as the water temperature is favorable (45F and upper 40s - keywords of this post!!!). Not to mention, spring creeks are great!! Rainbow trout are working hard to reproduce their next generations. Midge and baetis hatches bring up the trout to the surface. We know they would have been bored of seeing all the underwater imitations for the past several months like us who are using those. But this doesn’t mean they are friendly to rise and bite every cast we make!!

On the average this April turned out to be a colder one through the month. Perhaps because of that, we seem to be seeing more and consistent hatches later in the month - other than PMD period, one of the BEST action-packed days on the creeks. Come and experience while the action last!

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