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Swinging Through November

November hasn’t really gotten cold - windy and dry. Sunny? Yes but sunshine feels weaker this time of year. I’ve been busy with Atlantic salmon flies = dressing & shipping out, trout fly orders, and many other projects = for now and for next year. Of course I’m busy for holiday shopping - I can use more gears discussed in this post😆.

Whenever I have a chance and winds are bearable (I don’t expect zero wind days in November), I’d still love to go to Yellowstone River and do some Spey casting. I wouldn’t always call what I’ve been doing as “fishing”. Not because I’m making an excuse in case I wouldn’t catch anything, but because I really want to understand many Spey gears and get better with them. Serious feeling trout is a bonus. I recall this was actually practically ZERO wind day in November

And I’m responsible to test the new setup for my wife😁

The more I do, the more I understand characteristics and “voices” of these Spey gears. Perhaps that’s because I’m still in the learning and developing phase, but I really feel they talk to me. It’s just different from when I’m fishing with a single-hand rod, in which case, trout talk to me if I’m doing good or not.

Oh, I’m trying to be too philosophical 🤣.

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