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East Idaho Fly Tying Expo 2023

As with many other businesses and activities, East Idaho Fly Tying Expo has been dormant during the COVID pandemic. In 2022, majority of expos/shows came back but EIFTE required another year to get back. This show was my first visit as an audience and eventually as a demonstration tyer, presenter, and workshop instructor. Also this show has featured local, nationwide, and worldwide fly tyers. Superb vendors have attended as well. This show has offered me tremendous experience and opportunities and I have developed friendship with industry professionals and specialists as well as with audience. Indeed this show has contributed to my career. Also, it has become our family event as well.

So it's been 4 years since the last one, way back in 2019.

With excitement of the event and opportunities to catch up with old friends and acquaintances and to meet new folks as well, we hit the road to Idaho Falls!!

Since 2017, I've been an eager & regular student in a workshop conducted by the master tyer Steven Fernandez in Thursday evening, ahead of expo, at Jimmy's All Season Angler. Steven has offered us tremendous challenges over the years. This time, our workshop was to tie Dave Whitlock's Matuka Sculpin in the hand, without the vise. Below is the master sample, not my end product. I learned about salmon flies were dressed in hand, without an aide of "vice", but I have not attempted. Here it was for the first time. I actually got a hang of it and quite enjoyed the process.

Day 1 commenced!!

I set up my table and started dressing a classic salmon fly!!

I dressed an "acceptable" Durham Ranger!

On Day 2, I tried to dress better than the previous day!

I did my best.............. Yet I produced another "acceptable" Baker.........

Our son was interested in tying flies at Kids' corner - dada was so moved.

During the course of Saturday words spread out that Montana was being hit by a massive snow storm. With cold temperature and mild snow around the venue, we were slightly worried about driving back on Sunday. It turned out that roads through Idaho were not bad at all. Two sections that were really rough to drive were west and east of Bozeman (visually challenging as there were no tire tracks on the road and ice sticking on I-90's canyon section that made us feel we were on the dirt road, respectively).

Apparently our house was surrounded and piled by snow. I backed up to park my truck on the deep snow. We made it inside and I unloaded our luggage and gear. Immediately after, I started shoveling snow. I managed to shovel so our vehicles could get out. Backside of the house on our deck, a huge mushroom grew.......... I worked on it on the following day.......... Now my shoulder hurts..............

As it has been with the previous expos, all the participants would like to thank expo organizers and volunteers. I sincerely hope the expo keeps going and I'd like to be invited again.

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