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Wasatch Fly Fishing Expo 2022

Wasatch Intermountain Fly Fishing Expo 2022 ( was held in the huge venue, Mountain America Expo Center, in Sandy, UT (SLC area). I originally signed up to attend this one for the first time in spring 2020 - you know what had happened.

This expo was indeed the first major event since the Pandemic for me and in the area. Everyone knew that this would be a huge and we would all enjoy!!

i traveled with the Team Lefty Angler - wifey & kiddo. Thursday April 7th, we set up my booth. Besides to promote my guide service in and around Livingston, I brought my books and frames for sale.

In fact, I made these canvases two years ago as the raffle items for the book buyers. They were highly sought after!!

I donated a guide trip, which was featured in the live auction after the banquette in the evening of 7th. - Photo by Sage.

With Legends!!!!

The expo became quite busy on both days!! - Friday 8th and Saturday 9th.

I just can't list all the great vendors and folks I met. Of course audiences were great as well!!

Sage learned some fly tying!?

I had a workshop regarding the spring creek fishing (no photos).

I also sat and tied for the tying theater and I tied some spring creek patterns from my book.

It was busy and quite fun!!!!

We got home on Sunday 10th. The weather immediately deteriorated and we are in the middle of the severe snow storms as of now, which seem affecting the adjacent states. So things worked out during and around the expo.

The COVID may still linger around and may affect our lives, however, things are heading to the right direction. I really hope many other expos in other regions will re-start soon. The team LEFTY ANGLER & FLIES is happy to travel to the Great SLC again!!

Sincerely nice to meet you all and thank the committees to make this event happen!!

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